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Доставка почтой по тарифам Белпочты. Отследить своё отпрвлние вы можете сначала на сайте Белпочты, пока оно не покинуло территорию РБ, потом в аналогичном сервисе на сайте почты своей страны.

Для того, чтобы отследить используйте трек-код, который будет вам отправлен после отправления посылки. Пример такого кода: RU4647382909. Обратите внимание, код нужно вводить целиком, включая цифры и буквы.

Система слежения белпочты здесь.


Bank card payment on the Internet

By pressing the “Pay” button you will be forwarded to the special secure payment page of the processing system:

On the payment page you can see your order number and the amount to be paid. To process the payment you have to input your payment card details and confirm your payment by clicking the button “Pay”.

If your card supports the 3-D Secure technology, you’ll be prompted to go through a standard one-minute authentication procedure on the webpage of you bank (i.e. the bank that issued your card).

After the payment is processed our manager will contact you by the contact information you provided to elaborate details of delivery.

Please note after the payment is completed you’ll receive to your email address the payment confirmation. Please keep all the Payment data!

We currently accept the following payment cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Belkart.

* Bank card payments are processed through the electronic payments system bePaid. The payment page of the system is compliant with all security requirements of the data transfer (PCI DSS Level 1). All confidential information is stored in an encrypted form and stays uncrackable to the utmost degree.

Following the below link you can study the details of payment with a Belkart card.