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POET.KA is all about unique clothes and accessories

  • Herbal dyed fabrics and ecoprint

  • Every specimen is handmade and inimitable

  • The safety is confirmed by the certificate of quality issued by the Republiс of Belarus

To make my clothes I use only fabrics which are hand dyed with plants like flowers, leaves, berries and roots.
No synthetic dyes are involved.
Dyeing is a hard but captivating process of a natural fabric print creating.

We head towards unhasty happiness

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Private enterpreneur Kabanova Ekaterina

#691789323; Registered at the trade registr of the Republick of Belarus at 15.02.2017

223053 Minsky dictrict, Borovlyany, Malinovskaya street 32

Phone number +375 29 780 35 69

We are working from Monday to Saturday 09:00 — 21:00 no breaks

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