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Purchase returns are accepted within 14 days from the next day of purchase. On the last day of the term returns are accepted till 9 pm. For customers outside Belarus the term of return starts after arrival of the parcel to your post office (please be aware of that). The amounts to be refunded shall be credited in accordance with the exchange rate on the return date, which may differ from the exchange rate on the purchase date.

Postal return expenses are covered by the customer. Refund will be made after the goods are received by the seller and their condition is assessed.

The goods of proper quality can be returned within 14 calendar days starting from the date of purchase without any further explanation. It’s allowed to request a full or partial refund for the order if color, model, size or length of the garment didn’t suit you. The goods of proper quality include goods without any defects and matching its announced quality characteristics. Please keep in mind that you can return goods of proper quality only if you didn’t get rid of seals, labels or package.

A full or partial return of the goods of proper quality (without any defects) entitles you to a refund, excluding delivery and postal expenses.

The goods of inferior quality include goods with significant defects preventing its proper use. Goods non-compliant with the item number, color, model or size specified in the order also fall into this category.

A return of goods of inferior quality entitles the customer to a refund of its cost, as well as its delivery expenses. Please keep in mind it refers only to full return requests, in case of a partial return postal expenses will be not reimbursed.